NSB Police Issue Precautionary Statement Ahead of Bike and Bar this Weekend

In a Facebook post on June 17, 2022, the New Smyrna Beach Police Department stated the following:

This Saturday, June 18, 2022, starting at 12:00 a.m on Flagler Ave, the annual Bike & Bar will take place.

**This is not a city sponsored or approved special event**

As in years past, the New Smyrna Beach Police will be implementing a Special Event Operational Plan that will include a large number of New Smyrna Beach Police Officers, as well as multiple police units from adjacent Law Enforcement agencies.

The primary objective of this operational plan is to ensure public safety during the course of the event and the safe movement of bicyclists along S. Atlantic Av. and throughout the operational area in an effort to prevent any vehicle/bicyclist collisions.

A secondary objective is the enforcement of New Smyrna Beach City Ordinance 10-5 Consumption of Alcohol/Open Alcohol Containers in Public Places (Streets, right of ways, parking lots, and while riding a bicycle).

The operation will also concentrate on bicycle traffic violations such as; Bicycling more than two abreast, Bicycle carrying more persons than designed or equipped, Bicycles not riding as far to the right as possible, Driving under the influence (Bicycle) and numerous other violations.

It is the expectation of the New Smyrna Beach Police Department that all NSB Bike & Bar Tour participants abide by the laws and ordinances governing not only the consumption of alcohol and bicycling regulations, but also adhere to proper standards of conduct. Both disorderly and intoxicated conduct will be enforced in an effort to provide effective public safety during the course of this event.

The New Smyrna Beach Police also wants to remind drivers in the area to always “Share the Road” and please be aware of large numbers of bicyclists is the area, as safety on the roadways is everyone’s responsibility.

The New Smyrna Beach Bike and Bar Tour is a long-standing tradition and will take place on Saturday, June 18th, 2022 – making this its 29th year.

Stops on the tour include, but are not limited to, J.B’s Fish Camp, Moe’s, Chase’s, Sea Vista, NSB Sea Shack, Beachside Tavern, Off the Hook, Buzzard’s Beach, Clancy’s Cantina, Tayton O’Brian’s, Flagler Tavern, The Breakers, Crow’s Nest, Ocean Breeze and Peanuts.

Find more details here.

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