Construction Begins on North Causeway

Bridge improvements to the North Causeway movable bridge, also known as the Coronado Beach Bridge, George Musson Bridge, in New Smyrna Beach have started. 

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) determined the electrical submarine cables and additional minor electrical upgrades were necessary for the bridge’s continued operation. Quinn Construction, Inc is listed as the contractor performing the work. According to the project flyer, construction cost is $2.1 million and plans call for the construction to be completed Fall 2022. 

New Smyrna Beach’s North Causeway to Close until Fall 2022

The submarine cables provide electricity to the bridge’s machinery, which allows the bridge to open and close for marine traffic to pass through. Replacing the existing cables will ensure continued operation of the bridge for all users. 

Residents have divided opinions on the project. Many took to social media platforms like NextDoor and Facebook to share their frustration with the plans. The comments include traffic concerns on the beachside and the timing of the project during the height of the summer season. 

The intersection at Peninsula Avenue and Third Avenue will experience more traffic than ever. Citizens who live north of Flagler Avenue are worried that the intersections at Peninsula Avenue, Pine Street, Cooper Street and South Atlantic Avenue will become so congested that traveling to and from their homes will take a very long time.

Some citizens are happy to see the FDOT be proactive and comment that it’s a minor inconvenience for a short period of time. Others shared the perspective of living through other major projects like Canal Street and HWY US1 intersection improvements and the replacement of the bridge at Washington Street and Riverside Drive are in agreement that the work and maintenance needs to be done. 

Traffic while North Causeway is Closed

Traffic will be guided to the South Causeway Bridge by electronic message boards and other signage during the roadway closure. Marine traffic access will be maintained at all times throughout the construction. The FDOT has provided a link to the project’s updates and lane closures at The webpage will remain updated throughout construction and in advance of anticipated bridge closure.

As of May 27, 2022, the last update to the website was on May 5, 2022. There were no lane closures and none planned for this project within the next month. 

During construction, motorists and pedestrians can expect a period of multiple consecutive days, totaling less than a week, in which the North Causeway Bridge will remain in the upright position to allow for removal and replacement of the existing submarine cables. 

FDOT was contacted for more information and has not replied. The time for when the bridge was inspected and considered for the repair is unknown. 

The condition of the cables at the time of replacement was not provided. Any future updates provided by FDOT will be posted here as they become available. 

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