Hungarian Summit 2022: Celebrating the Hungarian Culture and Community

Tickets are already on sale for the most exciting Hungarian – American event! 

Place: MOAS – Museum of Arts and Science, Daytona Beach, FL USA 

Time: May 12 – 14, 2022 

We believe the time has come for us in 2022! 

After the Corona virus pandemic and the past two challenging years, we believe it is time for us to move  forward and conduct the Hungarian Summit. The summit, which focuses on building and strengthening  Hungarian – American relationships on business, cultural, and public relation levels, is organized by  HungarianHub, a non-profit organization in Daytona Beach, Florida, and will be held in May 2022. 

This international event, which will be opened by Szabolcs Takacs, Hungarian Ambassador from Washington,  D.C., offers many unique opportunities to the participants to be able to network and build crucial Hungarian  – American connections.  

Among the four major segments, such as business, education, culture, and public relations, this year’s fifth  topic is sport. Each segment will have Hungarian and American professional speakers and participants.  

• May 12 – 13: Professional Workshops, Conferences (Entry only for Summit Participants) 

• May 14: Business&Art EXPO and other Cultural Programs for the general public 

This event’s specific focus is on the Hungarian Communities who live in the Diaspora. It aims to strengthen  educational relationships between the two countries and – with the help of the Central Florida University’s  Business Incubator Program – it assists the Hungarian start-up businesses to learn about the American  business structure. 

The key element of this event’s success is the personal presence. The first two days of the programs include  presentations, round table discussions, and section symposiums. The final day is filled with concerts, movie  premiers, fine arts exhibitions, audience meets, and business expo for all event participants.  

All this will take place in MOAS – Museum of Arts and Science, Daytona Beach. The Hungarian Summit  conference and workshop offers exceptional and interesting opportunities for both American and Hungarian  participants. We will SUMMIT for everyone.  

The entire staff of HungarianHub’s main focus is to offer a safe environment for all, since our health is the  most important. 

For event tickets, detailed program description, and further information, please visit our website

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