Volusia’s Most Instagrammable Street Art

Photos/Text by Discovery Map of Daytona and NSB

Sidestepping from Volusia County’s coastal byways can get pretty artsy if you know where to look. Because our most “Instagrammable” street art is often hidden, here is a top five countdown that paints the way from north to south:

5. Ormond Garage

A sea of sepia-toned spectators and Model-T Fords create a dramatic backdrop at Ormond Garage. Painted in tribute to the town of Ormond Beach as the “Birthplace of Racing,” find this mural on the side wall of the brewery’s back patio.

4. Riverfront Shops of Daytona

Surprising, art-filled alleyways wind between the Riverfront Shops of Daytona. Enter Orange Alley off Orange Avenue, past the stare of a disgruntled, rogue Care Bear, to dozens of creative works.

3. Boondocks, Wilbur by the Sea

Pose among a feeding frenzy of sharks plus a giant inking octopus at Boondocks Restaurant & Tiki Bar located in Wilbur by the Sea. This expansive mural runs nearly 45 feet in length from Boondock’s parking lot to the river.

2. Jane’s Art Center, NSB

Jane’s Art Center in New Smyrna Beach is covered in commissioned artwork. The “Got Art?” Gator (pictured) is the latest masterpiece added to Jane’s exterior.

1. Callalisa Creek, NSB

A graffiti hodgepodge of iconic characters including Mr. Monopoly and Woodstock from the Peanuts comics lend a splash of color to a cement seawall along Callalisa Creek’s Paddle Trail. This mural is best viewed by paddle board. Find it a short distance from the boat launch at Callalisa Park also in New Smyrna Beach.

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