COMING SOON! Don Giovanni: Contemporary Italian and Pizzeria

1633 Taylor Road, Ste 5, Port Orange in the Summer Tree Plaza (Across from Publix / next to Love’s Wholefoods)

(386) 492-6945 

A Letter from Giovanni ~

Ciao a tutti! My name is Giovanni, I was born and raised in a small town in Italy called Torregaveta, near Naples, Italy. 

My Italian family put the center of our home in the kitchen. For our family cooking wasn’t just eating, but was a special occasion to be together, share stories, laugh, appreciate life, and a way to forget about the problems outside. 

Every Sunday was a celebration, a day of rest, and a time to spend together. Sundays made me realize that food was more than just food. It was therapeutic, a way to get out of my thoughts and express myself. 

Nine years ago, I took a plane and came to the United States of America to visit some family. While I practiced my English, I also got the chance to express myself in a real kitchen. This is the moment I realized that I wanted a kitchen to myself, where I was able to share a piece of my story with others, through my food. 

Don Giovanni is the result of everything that I experienced in my life. My goal is to have people feeling like they are back in Italy, spending time with their parents or grandparents, and remembering their special moments with my homemade family recipes. 

Family, love and heart are my secret ingredients in each dish I prepare. Like my grandpa used to say, “There is nothing better to accompany and celebrate family and life with than a nice glass of wine.” 

I cannot wait for you to try Don Giovanni out. I hope you enjoy our cuisine and become part of the Don Giovanni family. 

See you soon! You can follow us on Facebook for our Grand Opening date.

– Giovanni 

In a Facebook post on October 12, Don Giovanni announced they will be opening October 18, 2021.

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