New & Improved Apps & Tools Available From Volusia Sheriff’s Office

The Volusia Sheriff’s Office is deploying new tools to help Volusia County residents and visitors use technology to stay informed, report crime and even share video and photos with law enforcement in real time as an incident unfolds.

A priority of Sheriff Mike Chitwood, the new technology will also allow users to get real-time answers to questions like: Why is Air One flying over my neighborhood?

SaferWatch Mobile App now available in Volusia County

One of the new features available now is the SaferWatch mobile app. With the free SaferWatch app, anyone can report an incident, non-emergency or a tip, and share videos and photos with first responders in real time. When you contact them through SaferWatch, the app will automatically send your location and your user profile to the Communications Center, which will use that information to streamline calls for service and direct law enforcement, fire or medical help your way.

In addition to photos and video, you can also share text and audio files via SaferWatch. SaferWatch is a two-way communication tool, so it will also provide another avenue for the Sheriff’s Office to communicate directly with the public. SaferWatch users will be able to select and subscribe to locations relevant to them in the county, and receive real-time information on major incidents and in-progress calls. Residents and visitors can subscribe to their city, a school, a government building, a mall, an entertainment venue or Volusia County as a whole.

To get the SaferWatch app, visit or find the link on the main slider on the home page at It’s available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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