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Celebrating Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and it is one of my favorite holidays, obviously, because I am a mom. Every year, I try to look for different ways to celebrate my mother and show my kids how to celebrate me in different ways. So, when they grow up, I can forever be surprised with what they do for Mother’s Day. 

I have this weird process about wanting to know how our traditions in America started. So, how did Mother’s Day start? It started with three women that were champions for better health, welfare, love and peace. Sounds too familiar – I love these ladies already. 

The History of Mother’s Day

It is not a day to simply buy flowers, gifts or give mothers the “day off.” It’s also a day for mothers to get together to share information on raising healthy and happy children. These mothers helped organize women’s brigades, encouraging all women to help without regard for the side their men chose. They even promoted a friendship day between mothers of opposite sides to come to a peaceful place after the war was over. 

These ideas are so inspiring. These ladies paved the way for us as mothers in 2021 to re-establish these transformational bonds across opposing sides to come together as mothers with our most valuable resource… our youth. 

In 1870, they called for a “Mother’s Day for Peace.” They developed a “Mother’s Day Proclamation.” Then they campaigned for a national day to honor all mothers. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a bill designating the second Sunday in May as a legal holiday to be called Mother’s Day. Wow, this was some great information to know and use to continue their efforts to bring all mothers together. Not just for one day, but every day in our local community. Here are some great, creative ways we can celebrate our mothers.


  1. Give your mother a gift certificate to a local nursery. Help her plant a beautiful arrangement of natural flowers in an area that you gather frequently.
  2. My favorite is to give my children coupons they can use all year of “Things Mom Needs to get Done ASAP.” They can use them at any time during the year but most of the time they use them for Mother’s Day. Examples: Weed the Garden, Cook Dinner, 1 Hour of Quiet Time (My fav).
  3. Decorate her front door with a beautiful wreath of pictures of her kids and her favorite things.
  4. Cook her favorite meal. Being able to enjoy an intimate meal without long wait times and other families celebrating this great day would be great. It gives time for more meaningful conversations that will have memories that will last forever.
  5. Create a Zoom party. Have her kids prepare written messages to say during the party.
  6. Make a homemade gift. Create a tradition of a family art project that your mother can hang up in her home and enjoy forever.
  7. Create a photo album every year with pictures that you take of your family together on Mother’s Day.

I am looking forward to celebrating Mother’s Day. Congratulations to the mothers that continue to love without boundaries for their children. You are the real heroes of this world. Thank you for your continued service to our most valuable resource – our youth. Sending all of you a big hug!

Shy Morris, native to NSB for four generations, and a lover of all things positive. Her art has carried her around the world and her award winning STEAAM curriculum has inspired and empowered 1000s of youth in Volusia County. Shy loves everything community and loves to see kids thriving with high self esteem, great values and ready to be productive citizens.

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