County Residents Receive Sexual Predator Alert in Error

This afternoon, many Volusia County residents received a text alert in error notifying them of a sexual predator who moved within 1,000 feet of their residence. This alert went to users across Volusia County instead of only those within the defined radius of the address.

A follow-up text alert was just sent correcting the error, and clarifying information has also been posted on the Sheriff’s Office Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The subject of the notification is Parker Lee Sharpley, 37 (DOB 7/4/1983), who just moved from out of state to 1450 2nd Ave., DeLand. His 2004 conviction was for aggravated sexual battery of a minor in the state of Virginia (pictured below).

More information about sexual predators living in Volusia County is available on the Sheriff’s Office website at

Users can also run a search for sex offenders in their area, sign up for alerts and download the OffenderWatch app at The OffenderWatch app allows users to find out where registered sex offenders are living within a given area, and access details about each offender. When installed on a child’s phone, the app also allows parents and guardians to track their child’s location. The app also sends a notification if a registered sex offender moves into a nearby residence.

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