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Edgewater Water Meter Replacement Program Underway

The city of Edgewater is in the process of replacing all water meters throughout the city. The meters currently in use are reaching the end of their useful life and are due to be replaced.

This process will take several years to complete since all the meters (13,000+) throughout the city were originally installed at approximately the same time.

Edgewater Upgrades Water Meters and Transmitters

Along with the meter replacements, the city is also upgrading to the Sensus FlexNet system that will use smart meters and transmitters to send readings on an hourly basis to the Sensus Analytics Software. This FlexNet communication network will allow the customer to view their consumption history and send alerts to the customer to inform them of any potential leak issues in order to address problems in the field faster and provide better service to customers.

On a related note, at the January 11, 2021 City Council meeting a local plumber offered private assistance to residents regarding evaluation of their water meters.

The city of Edgewater does not endorse this service by any private plumbing business. Residents with questions or concerns regarding their water meter or utility bill are encouraged to contact a Customer Service representative at (386) 424-2400 x4000 or email Customer Service at

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