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January Fishing Guide

All Text & Photos provided by Patrick “Tupat” Eichstaedt // @TheRealTupat

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Florida Fishing in January

As winter is finally upon us and the year 2020 (that no one wants to remember) comes to a close, the fishing continues to heat up! This past year has had some real ups and downs in all departments of life! As for the weather, tides and fishing, it has been the same! 

smiling man in coat holding caught fish

With the cooler weather creating cooler water, the fish have started to school up in the shallower waters. The gator trout have started to move back into the skinny zones along with a bunch of redfish – both species looking for warmer waters and food. 

My son Ethan (@_.reethan._.e, pictured below) recently caught his first big gator trout using a circle hook with a free-lined mullet. The bite was so aggressive he caught this beauty on his first cast! Great job, son, and I am super proud of you! 

smiling man in coat holding caught fish

My neighbor and good friend, Bobby Minotti (@robert_minotti), and my daughter, Addy, teamed up to catch and land this beautiful spotted redfish. This beautiful fish was caught using live mullet as well with a circle hook and a small BB shot weight. It is so pure the stoke that one can find while being immersed into Mother Nature and all she provides. Just the look on their faces says it all! 

smiling man and child in coat holding caught fish

On the day after Christmas, it was very cold but we decided to give it a go and make the trek back into the skinny waters. On my first cast utilizing a live mullet with a BB shot weight, the redfish blasted my line and took off pulling drag! There truly is nothing a good day of fishing won’t cure! 

I am grateful for all of life’s ups and downs and looking forward to the new year and what’s ahead. I’d like to thank everyone for the support and the entire team at East Coast Current! Cheers to 2021! 


4 – 5, 10 – 15, 19 – 22, 27 – 30 

Until next month… Cast ‘em, Hook ‘em and Catch ‘em! 

January 2021 Tide Chart:

JAN 2021 Tide Chart

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