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Prescribed Burn Planned for Lyonia Preserve

Weather conditions are favorable in upcoming weeks for a prescribed burn in Lyonia Preserve, Deltona. The five-acre burn, which will be conducted by Volusia County Land Management, will take place on the east side of Providence Road. No trail closures are anticipated. 

Prescribed Burn Planned for West Volusia

Prescribed burns are weather dependent with advance notice typically provided 48 hour or less in advance. 

The burn will restore and maintain habitat for scrub wildlife, which includes Florida scrub jays and gopher tortoises.

Historically, nature provided all the tools needed to maintain healthy habitats of natural lands. With the advent of fire suppression, fragmentation due to development, exotic species and user impacts, most natural lands are overgrown. Human intervention is now needed to provide the factors necessary for a healthy habitat.

To restore and maintain the diversity of the ecosystems, prescribed fire is one of the many tools Volusia County uses to manage conservation lands. Prescribed fire has many benefits, such as eliminating dry and overgrown vegetation, reducing the risk of wildfires, increasing seeding, fruiting and forage quality in plants, and improving wildlife habitats. While other land management treatments are sometimes used, prescribed fire is the most effective because of the complex chemical, biological and physical processes that fire stimulates. 

What is Prescribed Burning?

Prescribed burning is the controlled application of fire to wildland fuels in either a natural or modified state. It is conducted under specific environmental conditions that allow the fire to be confined to a predetermined area and at the same time produce the intensity required to attain planned resource management objectives.

Simply put, prescribed burning is fire applied in a skillful manner, in a definite place while under exacting weather conditions to achieve specific results. A burn authorization is obtained from the Florida Forest Service and the prescription is executed by a certified burn manager, also called a “Burn(ing) Boss.”

Controlled burning is the practice of burning fuels to meet the needs of landowners. The burn is kept in control through the use of control lines and may be executed by an individual with experience in controlled burning.

Volusia County Fire Services uses certified burn managers and burn bosses. Each burn boss has taken the Prescribed Burner’s Course, participated in several prescription burns, and written an executed prescription burn plan. These formal prescriptions are reviewed and approved by the Fuels Mitigation/Firewalker Team Leader prior to the execution of the burn.

Prescribed burns are conducted by the Firewalker Team .

Prescribed burning is fire…

  • Applied in a skillful manner
  • Under exacting weather conditions
  • In a definite place
  • To achieve specific results

Five steps to a prescribed burn:

  • Analysis
  • Prescription
  • Preparation
  • Execution
  • Evaluation

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