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Garden Construction: A New Concept in an Outdoor World

It is estimated that there are over 250,000 words in the English language, and of those words three times that many meanings for each. That means there are thousands of ways that you can pair words together to create a brand new concept. This is exactly what local entrepreneur Roe Heidt did when opening his business, Heidt Garden Construction. 

With an extensive background in landscaping and building, paired with an artistic eye for design, Roe sets himself apart by completely customizing unique projects for each client. From the initial concept and ideas, to the actual building and installation, he is able to make your vision a reality. 

Garden Construction and Landscaping Utilizing Natural Elements

He has spent over 20 years developing skills in the areas of stonework, welding, carpentry, landscaping, fencing and custom water features to name a few. In 2004, Roe studied at the School of Professional Horticulture at the New York Botanical Gardens and was chosen as one of 11 professionals from around the world to be selected to participate in the program for the year. He started studying the art of welding at 19 years old and now specializes in custom gates, fences, railings and even carports (pictured below). He went on to build upscale homes in Connecticut, giving him three years of hands-on carpentry experience. 

Utilizing natural elements is another one of Roe’s specialties. From 2008 to 2015 he was part of a team in New Mexico that harvested stone from the foothills of the Rockies. These stones were then used in landscape designs and the building of fountains and ponds for both residential and commercial projects. 

The passion and enthusiasm he exudes when discussing his business is captivating to say the least. Each job is looked at in an original and artistic way from the beginning to the end. 

Now is the Time to get Started!

You know that beautiful patio you’ve been daydreaming about for awhile now? Or maybe you have an existing one that just needs a facelift? Now is the time to do it! With more and more time being spent at home these days, homeowners are looking to put their resources into enhancing their space, which in turn directly enhances their quality of life. 

You may look out at your yard and see an overgrown area of weeds and think there is nothing that can be done, but if you apply the concept of garden construction to it, you can suddenly have a totally new space. Take a second and imagine with me…the land can be cleared, pavers could go down in an intricate pattern, an open air pergola could line the back of your newly planted flower beds, and an herb garden could be featured on custom-welded stands placed perfectly next to a beautiful wooden bench, built just for you. The options are limitless and the specifics are up to you. 

Getting started is the hardest part. Don’t let the details overwhelm you, especially when you can bring in a professional to handle it all. Roe has excelled in many projects over his career and has a reputation for producing high quality work. Whether it is function or feng shui you are looking for, he has the tools and the creative mindset to achieve exactly what you envision. 


Roe Heidt 

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