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What Do We Know about the Growth Mindset?

I am so excited about this great opportunity to share my life in words with all of the readers of East Coast Current. I am Shy Morris – a native to New Smyrna Beach, an entrepreneur, gardener, educator, community builder, wellness ambassador, lover of history, artist, small business owner and a mother of seven children. Four of these children I gave birth to naturally. Three of them are my bonus children I was blessed with via adoption of my brother’s children. 

I always wanted my life to be a simple and a seamless transition, like I saw in the movies. I learned at a very young age that I would have to work extremely hard to achieve the quality of life I dreamed about as a little girl growing up in New Smyrna Beach.

Along my way I encountered a few people that changed my life forever. They are my mentors, or as I call them, my “Earth Angels.” These mentors challenged me to be a critical thinker and set me on a path to positivity forever. I am hoping with this opportunity of me being in the ECC I can share my mind with all of you.

Our Mindset Controls the Way We Think

In our daily lives there are two basic mindsets that can control the way we think, the fixed and growth mindsets. These mindsets are based on how we view our personalities. A fixed mindset can assume that intelligence and character are routinely measured by success and status. These characteristics are anchors and cannot be changed or influenced. 

Growth mindset is at the opposite end of the spectrum. A person with this mindset welcomes a challenge and sees failure not as unintelligence or disappointment, but as an opportunity for growth. This mindset also supports a passion for learning instead of seeking outside for approval. In a fixed mindset there is no room for learning new things or even wanting to be open to new perspectives, people or ideas because you’ve remained fixed in your personality or perspective. 

I would like to offer a challenge to move beyond what you’ve already decided about the person you are to a new person you can become. This challenge is for both mindset groups. This is the first process of changing or growing your mindset in a positive way. Find a new quote every week. Focus on the quote and apply it to your life every day. This daily affirmation could cause a shift in your life. 

A quote for this month:

“When life gives you a hundred reasons to break down and cry, show life that you have a million reasons to smile and laugh. Stay strong.”

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