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Fast-track Your Health

Our ancestors possessed the ability to go long periods of time without eating. Some may call it fasting; I call it survival mode. Either way, it’s nature’s self-preservation mechanism. 

Fasting, Survival Mode and Your Health

If humans didn’t possess the ability to go durations of time without food, none of us would be here today. Think about how life was just a couple hundred years ago before there was transportation to ship food to stores at which we could conveniently buy it? Go back farther a couple thousand years ago – long before modern farming practices and storage and preservation methods were discovered. What would a late frost or a drought or a flood do to the food supply? How about an Ice Age, or parasites or wild animals? There are numerous ways that food supplies could have been devastated over large areas for long periods of time.

I’ve done many water and juice fasts – some as short as a day, others as long as a month. Aside from losing quite a bit of weight, I also get unusual waves of clarity and energy during the fast; quite an anomaly considering the lack of energy that you’d assume would occur due to calorie deprivation. As I tap into new areas of my gray matter, my intuition tells me that this anomaly is no coincidence. 

Here’s my logic…If we had lived 10,000 years ago, life would have obviously been much different. Long before a short walk to the fridge or a phone call for pizza delivery existed, we would have had to work to find food. This probably would have entailed a hunt or some foraging – maybe even some tree climbing. If food was scarce and competition was fierce, this would have been challenging. If we got tired, lethargic and lazy after missing a meal or two, we would have quickly perished. I picture myself sitting under an orange tree with the fruit just out of reach – and me, too weak and too tired to even shake the fruit loose, let alone climb the tree. There I would have died, and then become a meal for the vultures and the coyotes. 

Hunger and your Overall Health

My point is that the hungrier we get, the sharper our senses must become. This phenomenon helps us survive and locate food. We have to be more alert, smarter, faster and stronger than our prey. I’m also referring to fruit, too. Have you ever tried to climb a palm tree or crack open a coconut? I have, and believe me, it’s not an easy task!

In our modern society, things are much different. If we want to eat, all we have to do (in almost all cases) is pay for it. Paying for it is not always easy, especially in a tough economy. Therefore, our money-earning senses must become sharper. Have you ever heard the term “hungry for work?” I think the message implies that when someone is truly hungry, they are desperate, yet driven and determined enough to do exceptional work for the reward of…eating and surviving!

Nowadays, a healthy fast should be voluntary and self-imposed, a test of willpower. It’s a challenge, and I’m a sucker for a good challenge. After all, it’s the “fastest” route to cleansing the mind and body and shedding unwanted weight. 

For those of you considering attempting a water or juice fast, I will warn you that it’s not for the weak. There are right and wrong ways to start and end a fast. If you do it wrong, the result could be the equivalent of shaking up a hornets’ nest inside your body. If you have medical conditions or are on medication, always consult your doctor. 

If you’re up for the personal challenge and healthy journey, or want more info, watch “Fasting,” a documentary on Amazon Prime. You can also read my books: “Health and Happiness: an Owner’s Manual for the Mind and Body” and “Invest in Yourself: Six Strategies to Make this the Best Year of Your Life” – both are available on Amazon. 

Here’s to fast-tracking your health! 

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