Volusia County Public Library Receives $2,500 Grant

Florida Humanities awarded grants to 12 Florida public libraries through Life, Liberty + Libraries, a collaborative grant program in partnership with PBS Books.

The Volusia County Public Library system received a $2,500 inaugural grant, which was matched by Volusia County Council. Florida Humanities and PBS Books partnered to create Life, Liberties + Libraries, making available up to $2,500 in funding to support the purchase of democracy and civic themed books and orchestrate complementary humanities programming within the libraries.

Voice Your Vote at Volusia County Libraries

The Volusia County Public Library will use the grant to support its “Voice Your Vote” program, which will focus on sharing information with elementary school children, including mock voting in September. Spanning 12 counties, Life, Liberty + Libraries will reach over 2.1 million people by providing adults, young adults and children access to new titles in print and e-books and engaging diverse communities in new, thought-provoking ways.

“Life, Liberty + Libraries provides an opportunity for a revitalization of civic engagement within communities and an important refresher for Floridians on the value of upholding democracy,” said Volusia County Library Services Director Lucinda Colee. 

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