SaniPro NSB Helps Create the Safest Environment for Businesses Reopening

The owners of SaniPro NSB, Melissa Tyo-Grooten and Jodi Hinkle are local residents and are committed to helping business owners and vacation rental property owners navigate the “Reopen Florida” Guidelines, regain the confidence of their customers and achieve economic recovery quickly and effectively.

Protect and Reconnect! Melissa Tyo-Grooten, President and Jodi Hinkle, CEO of SaniPro NSB and Amy Childs, Director of Sales at Springhill Suites NSB, partner up to raise awareness of the ability to thoroughly disinfect shared meeting spaces with SaniPro NSB’s air and surface disinfection services and equipment. SaniPro NSB products are green seal certified and approved by the EPA for every type of business. Be sure to watch the educational session on SaniPro NSB’s Facebook page.

SaniPro NSB identified the leading-edge, EPA Approved, Green Seal Certified™ disinfectant products and emerging technology, and blended it with carefully selected equipment and software, in order to provide each business or rental space with a custom disinfectant plan to achieve four primary objectives:

  1. Identify a daily process that supports accurate disinfecting guidelines without harming our environment with hazardous chemicals.
  2. Outline the benefits of continuous air disinfection and surface disinfection solutions for each unique business.
  3. Provide the most effective, economic and efficient blend of “done for you” disinfectant services, hazard free products, leading edge application tools, and portable, continuous air disinfectant equipment.
  4. Re-engage customers by communicating proactively and reporting live date/time completion stamps for cleaning/disinfecting protocols, using near frequency communication tags and onsite QR Code Readers, so that customers can “see for themselves” what process has been put in place to maximize their safety.

We understand the importance of employee/associate and customer confidence and satisfaction in creating an effective and sustainable recovery plan and are eager to determine the precise plan for each owner to meet and exceed their expectations.

After a brief inquiry phone call and a one-page intake form, SaniPro NSB staff completes an on-site assessment and shares recommendations for each business or vacation property owner. Relevant education is provided to ensure each client understands the options available and the best manner to share critical updates with staff/associates and consumers.

Yet, it may be SaniPro NSB’s optional “Customer Feedback Module” that offers the ultimate reassurance to both the customer and the business owner. This onsite tool invites each business owner to demonstrate their commitment to their customers with “live” communication of and resolution of consumer concerns and the commitment to avoid unnecessary worry by providing immediate response to consumer questions.

SaniPro NSB’s products and services are approved by the EPA and the Green Seal Certified for every industry.

Contact us today for more information:

Jodi:, 386-689-7636

Melissa: melissatyo-grooten@sanipronsb, 386-689-7443 

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