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June Fishing Guide

Text & Photos by Patrick “Tupat” Eichstaedt // @TheRealTupat

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After a few months off from fishing, a global pandemic and my near death experience, I am ready to return to my sacred backwaters of Bethune Beach. I have a renewed view on life and level of gratitude that words really can’t explain. 

Fishing has been a part of my life for a long, long time and being away from the water has been a struggle. On April 26, 2020 I suffered a major blood clot in my mesenteric artery that nearly killed me. I was very lucky considering I drove myself to the hospital. I am still baffled I made it. 

two men smiling holding fish in water

But enough of that, let’s talk about how important our families are and how important our friends are and how important it is to be kind to everyone. Nothing is for granted and life is so precious. I’d like to personally thank everyone for your prayers, donations, support and unconditional love. I am on my way to recovery now and with each meal I am feeling more strength. 

I will get back to fishing soon and bring you all some more fun and adventurous photos. The photos featured are two of my all-time favorites. My two kids Ethan and Adelynn (pictured below) and my longtime buddy Eric Geiselman and myself from a few years ago (pictured above). 

I hope everyone enjoys the coming months of summer. Let’s bring love, light and happiness to all. All the best! 


4 – 7, 11 – 12, 17 – 23, 27 – 29  

Until next issue… Cast ‘em, Hook ‘em and Catch ‘em! 

June 2020 Tide Chart:

June 2020 Ponce Inlet Florida Tide Chart

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