Local Businesses Raise Funds to Donate Thousands of Desperately Needed Protective Masks to Front Line Workers

In response to the urgent need for N95 and surgical masks for medical professionals and other vital workers fighting the COVID-19 outbreak, local businesses are lending a hand. Flagler Tavern, with the help of Shok Idea Group and WeatherFlow have secured a way to successfully acquire and distribute a significant quantity of protective masks to Front Line workers and First Responders in the New Smyrna Beach area.

Fundraising Platform Created by Local Business to Give Back to their Community

The initial goal is to donate 10,000 masks to recipients including AdventHealth New Smyrna Beach, New Smyrna Beach Fire-Rescue & EMT workers, New Smyrna Beach Police Department, Coast Guard and Local Essential Businesses. 100% of donations received will go directly toward this goal. Once this first threshold is achieved the businesses involved intend to continue raising as much funds as they can, to hopefully go above and beyond this number.

Donations can be made at the website TavernCares.com.

These medical-grade masks are essential to the safety and well-being of our healthcare professionals and First Responders. In the bigger perspective, keeping our caregivers healthy is of utmost importance in the fight against COVID-19. Thanks to this fundraiser, our local workers can help take care of our community without putting their own health at risk.

Distribution of the face masks is now underway, with deliveries — of proportional size, and based on need — being made to each of the locations listed above. These deliveries will continue to roll out during this month’s anticipated surge of COVID-19 cases.

About TavernCares

Founded by Flagler Tavern in conjunction with Shok Idea Group, TavernCares.com was created as a way for the businesses to organize their various fundraising efforts. The two local New Smyrna Beach organizations have worked on an assortment of charitable causes together, such as their Bahamas Strong Fundraiser – which raised over $30,000 to aid victims of hurricane Dorian. 

Flagler Tavern utilizes its platform as a popular restaurant & lounge, and spacious location for events, while Shok Idea Group provides marketing and branding solutions for their endeavours. The TavernCares.com website provides a way to gather donations while adhering to social distancing measures. It will also be a great way for those wishing to donate to future causes to do so, even if they are unable to attend fundraising events – or if they are out of town.

Photos provided by Flagler Tavern

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