Jeep Owners Invited to Jeep Parade to Thank Healthcare Workers

Were you planning on participating in Jeep Beach this April?

Unfortunately, due to circumstances surrounding coronavirus COVID-19, the event has been postponed to September 11 – 13, 2020 – but that doesn’t mean you can’t still show off your Jeep!

On Friday, April 3, 2020, Jeep enthusiasts are invited by Jeep Beach to participate in a Jeep Parade as a show of support and thanks to the local medical community.

The parade route will take the Jeeps past both AdventHealth in Daytona Beach and Halifax Health.

Jeep Beach organizers hope to show healthcare professionals that the community is in full support of their efforts and recognize the hard work they are doing.

On Friday, April 3, 2020, drivers are invited to meet at Ormond Regal Cinema at 6:30 p.m.

Route: Jeeps will leave the parking lot of Regal Cinema and travel behind a Lead Jeep to Advent Health where a predetermined route has been identified through the property. From Advent Health, Jeeps will exit the parking lot and travel to Halifax Health where another predetermined route has been selected through that property. Both facilities are aware and have approved our Jeep Parade. Jeep Beach has also reached out to DBPD and will have an officer assigned to assist.

The following rules are required of all participants:

You at no time are to exit your Jeep during the event. This is non-negotiable.

You may use lights in the parking lots of the hospitals, but must follow all traffic laws in transit between facilities.

You may make signs, but they must be secured.

You may decorate your windows with positive messaging, but please do not inhibit line of sight.

Keep the Jeep in front of you in sight and follow the leader.

Jeeps will travel as a group, but if at any time, you become separated, the route is above. After Jeeps exit Halifax Health, they will turn back to International Speedway Blvd allowing you to exit in your home direction.

CB channel 4 will be in use for communication.

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