Don’t Get In The Car With Strangers

Submitted by Jeffrey Lawrence

Don’t get into a car with strangers; that is what we have taught our kids, yet in the US over 3.1 million people a day are doing just that by using Transportation Network Companies (TNC) like Uber and Lyft, or taxis, shuttles, public transportation or the most dangerous of all, “privates.” 

With the myriad of transportation options, clearly not all are created equally. Let’s begin with some common transportation questions. 

Q: Which is safer, traveling in a car to an airport or traveling on a plane to a destination?

A: Americans have a 1 in 114 chance of dying in a car crash and a 1 in 9,821 chance of dying in an airplane, according to the National Safety Council. 

Q: Would you book a flight on an airline that wasn’t properly licensed and insured? 

A: Let’s hope not! 

Q: Would you book a trip to an airport with someone who is not properly licensed and insured? 

A: Again, let’s hope not! 

The following is a description of the most common for-hire modes of transportation options. 


Drivers lease a car from a large company and drive around waiting for a ride, pricing is confusing, customer service can be less than stellar, and cleanliness of the interior is questionable. 


Original ride-share, 1 to 60 travelers meet at specific time(s) and place(s) and share a ride to specific destination(s), inconvenient, time consuming, and traveling with many strangers. 


Uber/Lyft matches rides with passenger and independent drivers, requires smart phone and APP, subject to availability of drivers, they will quote you a price at the time of the actual request. They use a surge pricing model, much like airline and hotel price – the more the demand, the higher the price. Unable to call or text TNC or driver live until the driver has accepted the ride. The upside of TNCs is they are properly licensed and insured and carry an additional $1 million liability policy. 


Usually a one-person operation, has traditional auto insurance policy that only covers the private-personal use, not the commercial use, of their auto (if they accept even one dollar for a cash-for-hire ride, they are in violation of their policy and become a commercial use operator, any and all claims can be denied, many are not licensed as a business and therefore are not regulated by any standard). Every day there are commercials on TV about settlements for automobile accidents. Who is going to pay the medical bills if there is no insurance? 

B’ On Time Concierge Schedule Rides of NSB

We are a local, incorporated scheduled ride business licensed to carry paying travelers. Here’s what distinguishes us from other transportation options. Our drivers carry ride-share exemptions on their personal auto policies, which means their insurance companies know they accept commercial rides. In addition, we have a $1 million general liability policy. Additionally, you will talk directly, live line, with us when you book your ride and are guaranteed the rate. We stay in constant contact with you throughout your experience with us. With 12 drivers, you can be assured one of us will be there any time, day or night. 

If you have any travel related questions, please reach out to me, Jeffrey, the owner of B’ On Time Concierge or visit our website to review our drivers, licensing and insurance. 

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