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The Recipe of Love

We are about to be surrounded with the annual celebration of love. 

For those who are wanting, looking, perhaps even searching for love, here are the “ingredients of life” you can focus on. 

  • A weekly infusion of live music 
  • A regular visit to your personal place of serenity 
  • A daily dose of personal worthiness 
  • A sprinkle of positive expectations 
  • Eagerly watch daily for glimpses of the joy that will unfold before you. 

For those who are still stinging from the burn of their last attempt, remember…you now know what you don’t want in the future. Since you may be standing more in the problem than the solution, start with these self healing steps: 

  • Soothe yourself with kindness. 
  • Lighten up on the critical inner voice that causes more unrest. 
  • Gently ease into each day. 
  • Spend time with those who genuinely smile rather than those who criticize. 
  • Move to the beat of your own drum. 
  • When you are ready, gather the ingredients above and begin again. 

For those who have already found the ingredients to foster love in their life, thank you for the demonstration of how powerful the fuel of love can be. 

For those who are in the thick of discovering love, enjoy every bite of the deliciousness that has been placed before you. 

For those who are curious and almost ready to believe in love, appreciate anticipation and know there is an amazing surprise coming your way. 

There is no stronger fuel than the energy within love. The source of that love is within each of us. 

Tap into the love that is in you and revel in lavishly sharing it with those you expect to see, with those whose eye you catch on the beach, with those who would value your smile or a kind word, and with those who cross your path unexpectedly. 

Prepare with acts of kindness to receive all you have been looking for. Each one offers you the power of self-worth, self-appreciation and self-respect; resulting in your ability to believe you deserve everything you wish for in the love department. 

Jodi Hinkle, Founder and CEO of HerQuest, is a seasoned Business Development Strategist who has finely tuned her ability to assess, develop and design collaborative business solutions. HerQuest.net

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