Right Coast Wahine: Skateboarding

The water’s already chilly and some mornings I can see my breath. Finally, the perfect time for me to whip out the skateboards and practice on something new!

I’ve been taking the time lately to hit up some of the local skateparks to pick up some new things.

Anytime I’m bored or I am in the mood to learn more, I take out my skateboard in the grass or on smooth ground and practicing popping a Ollie. Then, each time I get it, I try to pop it higher. 

I’ve also been practicing a lot to get my 180 and pop shove it, too. The biggest challenge for me is mentally. I know I can physically do the trick but for some reason I tend to overthink it and mess myself up. 

I really enjoy skating because it gives me a new challenge and it’s a great adrenaline rush. It’s the best feeling when you land a trick that you’ve been practicing over and over to get. It’s a lot like anything, if you continue to practice and push yourself you can only get better and better. 

It’s so inspiring to hit up all the skateparks in our area and see all the different skaters, from 5 to 75 years old. You can find all different ages, sizes and cultures shredding and loving the same sport. It’s such a beautiful thing.

By the end of 2020 I wanna be able to say I can drop into a half pipe!

*Feature photo was taken when I was only 1 year old!

Shakka Shakka Brahda!

~ Marley Scott

Marley Scott AKA the Right Coast Wahine. She is 14 years old and this is her 4th year writing for ECC. Her hobbies include surfing, skating, drawing, dancing, writing, singing, gymnastics and acting.

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