Lucky’s Market Finds Success in Ormond Beach but the City Must Seek New Opportunities Following the Announcement of Statewide Closures

Lucky’s Market announced yesterday that they will be closing all of their Florida store locations by February 12th, including the Ormond Beach store. The announcement follows Lucky’s primary backer, Kroger, disclosing plans to divest its ownership share in December and is not a reflection of the Ormond Beach store’s individual performance. Lucky’s Market considered the Ormond Beach store to be a very successful location, exceeding expectations and making profits since its grand opening.

lucky's market Ormond Beach closing

Lucky’s Markets Closing throughout Florida by February 12

The Ormond Beach location, which opened in early 2019, made a significant investment in the facility at 101 East Granada Boulevard. Approximately $5 million dollars in capital investment was utilized to redevelop the store into a high quality grocery destination.

“Those investments brought new life to the building and really make the real estate move-in ready for another grocery store or retail tenant,” said Economic Development Director Brian Rademacher. “My department is working with our local and regional partners to assess the situation and provide assistance where possible, including workforce development and beginning in earnest to help find a suitable tenant for the building.”

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