Right Coast Wahine: Evacuation Vacation

So, we’ve all heard of Dorian by now – the big category five hurricane that ripped its way through the Bahamas. While we were thankful we didn’t get hit, it was still too risky to stay, so my family and I decided to take a little vacation to Fort Myers Beach. 

We love a good road trip and enjoy traveling up and down the state of Florida. We started off in Fort Myers and stayed in a beautiful beach house. Every night, my family and I walked down to the beach and watched the colorful sunset disappear into the night. It was a great escape. 

Once south Florida was in the clear for not getting a direct hit, my dad and I headed to our next stop on our journey, Miami. We had one goal in mind, my first time surfing Deerfield Beach pier! This is what my dad would like to call, his “old stomping grounds.” 

It was incredible! The waves were blowing perfect offshore lefts at 6 to 8 feet! The water was crystal clear and the most beautiful blue color. Then I got to see Miami in the dark. I was speechless. It looked like I was just surrounded by stars. Doesn’t matter if the sun is out, or the moon, I love being on the beach and near the ocean. 

All in all, I had an amazing experience with my family. I got to travel, surf, spend quality time with my family and I had my share of ice cream, too! 

However, we might have dodged a bullet and not been hit as bad by the hurricane, the Bahamas were less fortunate. I want to send all prayers to the Bahamas. 

Shakka Shakka Brahda!

~ Marley Scott

Marley Scott AKA the Right Coast Wahine. She is 14 years old and this is her 4th year writing for ECC. Her hobbies include surfing, skating, drawing, dancing, writing, singing, gymnastics and acting.

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