Foxtail Coffee Partners with Yaupon Brothers American Tea

Foxtail Coffee and Yaupon Brothers American Tea are excited to announce that tea offerings at all 11 Foxtail Coffee locations will now be provided by Yaupon Brothers, and will feature organic, Florida-grown Yaupon holly and other highly-curated teas and tisanes.

Foxtail’s new tea offerings list supports our local economy as well as Florida’s environment.

Yaupon holly is a Florida-native holly tree that has been consumed as a tea-like beverage for thousands of years. Yaupon is North America’s only caffeinated plant species, and is a powerhouse of healthy antioxidants. It is renowned for its mild taste, velvety mouth-feel and ability to withstand multiple steeps.

Yaupon is native and naturally occurs in the Orlando area, and Yaupon Brothers maintains a certified organic 13-acre “forest farm” in New Smyrna Beach, FL.

Yaupon is currently studied by the University of Florida for use as a sustainable native crop for Florida farmers, which will help Florida agriculture move in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly direction.

Foxtail Coffee Company was founded in December of 2016 with a mission to provide high quality coffee and intuitive work space for local communities in Central Florida. 

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