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Owners: Jeff and Arielle VanEck // // New Smyrna Beach & Ormond Beach

Interview by: Tiffany Evers // Photos by: Kelsey Walters

Photo provided by Seaside Cryotherapy

Alternative medicine is becoming more and more popular and new technology is giving companies the ability to easily offer these services to their clients. This statement couldn’t be truer for Seaside Cryotherapy and Oxygen Bar, which now has two locations in Volusia County. I had the pleasure of interviewing the owner, Arielle VanEck and getting the Inside Look into exactly what she offers.

Q: I have heard of cryotherapy before and its health benefits, especially with athletes, but what is it exactly?

A: Cryotherapy is simply cold therapy!You get into our chamber for up to three minutes, it drops down to subzero temps and when you get out you have immediate relief of aches and pains, stress and anxiety. It burns about 500-800 calories per session, increases range of motion, gives you a great endorphin rush, it’s a great toxin cleanse and even aids in sleep! The benefits are endless!

Q: What are some reasons someone might consider trying cryotherapy?

A: There are numerous reasons… the most common ones that I see are pain management, athletic muscle recovery, injury, weight loss and anti-aging.

Q: Do you personally use cryotherapy? If so, for what and how has it helped you?

A: My husband and I both do! I love that when I get out of the cryosauna, I feel completely refreshed and stress free! I also love the calorie burn, too! He uses it more for recovery from muscle soreness.

Q: Walk me through the process of what happens when a client walks in for a cryo treatment.

A: We provide socks, slippers, a robe and gloves for all clients. For women, undergarments are optional, for men they are required. Once changed and jewelry removed, we move into the cryo room where the magic happens. When you step into the chamber, the nitrogen blows in a rotation around your body while the elevator within the chamber lifts your head above the nitrogen vapors. At this point you take your robe off and I meet you eye level to hand you gloves and talk to you throughout the entire process. By creating a warm conversation most people don’t even realize the three minutes have passed!

Q: You now have a Cryo Screen unit to do localized treatments. How exactly does that work?

A: Our Cryo Screen is our new state-of-the-art localized treatment that works by using liquid CO2 and creating thermal shock. We can now pinpoint acute pain for immediate relief and reduce inflammation! We also use the localizer to reduce cellulite, freeze away fat, and even for frotox, AKA cryo facials! This localized treatment is amazing! I highly recommend you check out our FB page for before and after pictures!

Q: Do you need to make an appointment to get a treatment?

A: Walk-ins are always welcome. If you are wanting to freeze with a friend, a phone call is appreciated! We do prefer appointments for group and team sessions.

Q: Do you find most clients come in one time or is it an on-going experience?

A: Cryotherapy treatments are cumulative.The more sessions you can get in within a short period of time, the more results you will see and the longer those results last! With that being said, everyone is different, it truly depends on the reason you are doing cryo and what you’re hoping to benefit from it.

Q: Besides offering cryotherapy, you also have an extensive Oxygen Bar at both of your locations. For someone who has never experienced that, can you explain how it works and why you offer it?

A: The O2 bar forces in 95 percent oxygen compared to the 20 percent we typically breathe.We provide each client with a brand new colored nose cannula, like if you were in the hospital. Oxygen therapy is great to help reduce the risk of cancer, dementia and heart attacks. It’s great for headaches, migraines, hangovers, PTSD, stress, anxiety and more! Oxygen provides a natural way to heal our bodies! We do 15 and 30 minute sessions and you are welcome to bring in your work.

Q: I noticed the oxygen treatments are scented. Are there any other differences between the products besides that?

A:Yes,we have everything from piña colada and fuzzy naval to lavender and zen. Different scents have different benefits, just like your essential oils. None of the scents are overwhelming by any means but if you prefer we do have non-scented as well!

Q: What is a common misconception associated with the oxygen bar?

A: That you need a prescription. We are a wellness center for you – no prescriptions needed here!

Q: Congratulations on your second location in Ormond Beach! When did it officially open and do you have plans for more locations in the future?

A: Thank you! We are so excited to have this location open because a lot of our clients come from Ormond and Palm Coast. The grand opening was officially Saturday, September 28. We would love to expand our franchise and create more awareness of alternative, all natural ways to heal your body!

Q: As a small business owner, community involvement is key to launching a successful business. What local resources are you using and what organizations have you been involved in that have helped you along your journey?

A: I jokingly tell my clients that I am Lil’ Miss NSB. I am constantly referring them to local restaurants, yoga studios, eye doctors, spas and more! I love this community and love seeing people shop small. We are a member of the Southeast Volusia Chamber of Commerce, I am one of the chairs for Next Gen Leads, I have kids that play sports locally that we sponsor and we even sponsor the NSBHS volleyball team, too! We are all about a good cause and love supporting locals. I truly believe that everything comes around full circle.

Seaside Cryotherapy and Oxygen Bar

New Smyrna Beach Location:

(386) 202-6282

648 N. Dixie Fwy. New Smyrna Beach 32168


Ormond Beach Location:

116 N. Nova Road Ormond Beach 32174

(386) 202-6282

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