Volusia Crime Center Welcomes New Teammates

The Volusia County Crime Center – which, until August 5, was staffed only by Volusia County Sheriff’s Office personnel – is welcoming additional staff from the Daytona Beach Police Department.

The partnership between the Sheriff’s Office and Daytona Beach PD is part of a larger strategy of increased collaboration and information-sharing between all the law enforcement agencies working to keep Volusia’s communities safe.

“The more information and intelligence we share, the more we can do to solve crime faster and make sure our county is an uncomfortable place for criminals,” said Sheriff Mike Chitwood, who launched the county’s first “Real-Time Crime Center” as police chief in Daytona Beach, and made the countywide Crime Center (“VC3”) a priority upon taking office as sheriff in 2017.

VC3 gives all law enforcement officers in Volusia County access to real-time intelligence and support from a team of analysts, detectives and support staff. The center is tied into traffic cameras, security cameras, license-plate readers, live Air One video, social media feeds and other instant sources of information throughout the county.

In addition to providing real-time support to law enforcement during in-progress calls, VC3 analysts continually assist in active criminal cases with investigative leads that may help identify or locate a suspect or support probable cause for an arrest.

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