Hunker Down

Nature is a force to be reckoned with. I am good on reckoning with nature personally. Hurricane season is looming – commence some weather forecaster making us feel like it’s the apocalypse. I mean, yeah, it’s not good… but come on. If the forecast calls for NOT the apocalypse, then a hunker down may be in order. If the hunkering is the case, then you will need provisions, like a generator and a full bar. What else are you going to do? Heck, this is the only way some of us can get a vacation! 

kids with headlamps

Heads Up:

If you don’t already own a headlamp in general, you should get one. They are great for camping, night time beach strolls and useful when fixing things around the house. In this case you will need it to function when the power goes out. If you are anywhere near beachside, you know its a “when” and not an “if.” Unless you trust yourself to pour drinks in the dark. It will also get your back while you are destroying everyone at Monopoly and stuffing your face with snack foods. You can get them for as cheap as $1 at Wally World but they can go up to hundreds of dollars for a good one. I tend to go for the cheaper, but just make sure you get something with a good battery life and a powerful light! 

CBD edible sour frogs

Keep Calm:

Sometimes the storms can get scary. With the howling winds, debris flying about and house-rattling thunder, anyone or pet would naturally be uneasy. Get some CBD edibles to help with the anxiety. CBD is an oil derived from industrial hemp. Industrial hemp has non-detectable levels of THC. THC is the component in marijuana that produces a high. CBD edibles are made from hemp which naturally has lower levels. The filtering process then removes all traces of THC. It helps to keep you calm with no mind-altering effects. You can get them online and at some retailers. Don’t worry, it’s legal. 

kiddie pool filled with ice and drinks

Kiddie Pool:

Grab one of these at the end of summer sales! These guys make excellent beer tubs. Dump in a bunch of ice and your favorite beverages. As an added bonus, you get your very own ice bath. As we are all unfortunately aware, power outages also mean no AC. We have all been there, sweating in the dark. Last time I gave in and found a hotel with power. That is not always an option. When you hit that unbearable point, hop in the pool and then you won’t have to go too far for your next drink. 

cards against humanity game

Fun and Games:

Now that you are cool, calm and collected, it’s time to play some games. The classics are always a great way to pass the time. Keep in mind, you are stuck inside. Don’t get too competitive. If you have never played Cards Against Humanity, then you need to stop what you are doing right now and call some friends over. Not the ones that get easily offended, though. This game does not really have a winner and guarantees hilarity will ensue. This is an ADULTS only game. If you want something similar but G-rated get Apples to Apples next time you are at the store. 

car with outlet and plug on side

Back it Up:

A generator is great but it can get really expensive, really fast. Make sure you have back ups for all of your smaller devices. Extra batteries, phone chargers and power converters. A power converter will let you charge off of your car battery. So, you can still post pics of your bangin’ hurricane party while the power is out! It’s not a party with out some tunes. Keep those speakers charged for the epic dance party. If your hurricane party does not include dancing, then you’re doing it wrong. 

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