County Launches Animal Abuse Listing

Last month, the county introduced a new online tool intended to protect animals from falling victim to abusive owners.

Volusia County Government has launched an animal abuse listing on the Animal Services page of the county’s website beginning May 28.

The purpose of the listing is to make shelters and other adoption agencies aware of someone’s criminal history as it relates to animals.

The animal abuse listing will include public record information extracted from the Volusia County Clerk of Court’s Case Management System and the Volusia County Corrections Division and include those who have been convicted of misdemeanor or felony crime involving animal cruelty in the previous 10 years, along with their photo and date of birth. At least six other counties in Florida have a similar database.

The county’s new listing was approved in March, in response to the passing of Ponce’s Law – which increases the likelihood of jail time for animal abusers and reduces the chances of them owning animals again in the future.

The database can be found on the county’s website here or by searching “Animal Abuse Database.” For more information, visit or call Volusia County Animal Services Director, Adam Leath at (386) 248-1790 x 11398.

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