5 Tips for Tourists

Visiting a new spot is always exciting. New city, new people, new landscape. Sometimes it’s the beautiful architecture of an old town, or the way the sun sets over tropical waters. Going on vacation renews the soul and rejuvenates the spirit. It’s necessary to our survival, to be honest. I need a new adventure to put perspective into my life. We get so excited, I think folks tend to forget the places we are going are most likely someone’s permanent home. These folks know the secrets that most tourists don’t. Floridians know some things that aren’t in that travel brochure.

Tips for Visiting Florida

cluster of black and red bugs on a green leaf

Friend of the Devil – Lovebugs

Anything but love here. I am pretty sure the entire state of Florida collectively remembers it’s lovebug season and goes “aww, crap.” If you listen closely from other states you can hear it. They have no purpose other than to ruin paint jobs. They swarm and are in the way and that’s about it. I could go on about them for a while but it would just be me complaining. Wash them off ASAP. Driving into a swarm can black out your windshield. You think I’m kidding. Whoever named them lovebugs is hilarious. Can you hear my eyes roll? 

man surfing large wave in ocean

Surfin’ USA – Let me hook you up on a little secret

Surfing is A LOT harder than it looks. You have probably seen people surf in movies or on TV and think, you could master it in a weekend. I can assure you that you will not leave an expert in a week. Don’t get me wrong. Take lessons! Just know there is definitely a learning curve here. You can get better with practice! Respect the water and the locals. They can be your best friend or your worst enemy – the locals and the water.

storm clouds rolling in over dark ocean and beach

Fire and Rain – Tropical places are hot and it rains a lot.

That is how they stay tropical. Don’t get all butthurt if it rains on your parade. It rains every day around 4 p.m. in the summer. It just does. Good luck fighting it. Take cover if there is lightning, please. Otherwise keep in mind – this too shall pass. Most storms are short-lived but can pack a punch. Do yourself a favor and grab some drinks and apps somewhere before you completely abandon the beach day you’ve been dreaming of. Chances are it will blow over and you can still hang. Plus, it usually clears out the beach and cools things off. Win-Win! 

anonymous hands forming circle

Small Town – NSB and the rest of Volusia County is a community.

Locals have loved, laughed, celebrated, mourned. You name it. If a local is hurt or sick, you best believe there will be fundraisers until they are all set. If you are vacationing here, remember this is someone’s home. That statement applies to any place you visit. Respect the locals. Clean up after yourself. Say no to straws, and please for the love of whomever you pray to, fill your holes. Ever fall in or tripped over a random hole on the beach? Yeah, no fun. Plus we’re in sea turtle nesting season and those cute little hatchlings can fall right in and never make it to the ocean! 

long line of traffic in car's sideview mirror

Crosstown Traffic – The beach line crawl is a real thing.

I promise it’s not listed in your brochure. On busy days there is a line from Flagler Avenue back over the bridge. Yes, you can drive on the beach, but that is well known and everyone is attempting to do that. This line will be hours long, folks. Do yourself a favor. There is more than one entrance to the beach. Utilize them and save us all some time. Also, please refrain from blasting your jams while in line. Not everyone would like to listen to your greatest hits. Neither I nor anyone else needs to literally feel your jam.  

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