Take My Money

By Katie Swiss Britt

Online shopping is amazing and dangerous. It’s so comfy. You can fully spree your butt off all while wearing no pants.

That would not fly at the mall. Please wear clothes to the mall or you will most likely get picked up by the folks in blue. You don’t have to empty the bank account to get some great stuff.

Amazon, as usual, has your back. If you are shopping for you or your better half these are some of the best products out there right now that any woman (or anyone!) is sure to love.

*Availability and pricing is subject to change. This is a freelance article and not endorsed or paid for by Amazon.

Wacaco Minipresso

Brewtiful – Wacaco MinipressoThis travel espresso maker is the jam. It is lightweight and perfect for travel. It is hand-powered with piston action to provide the perfect pour every time. That means no cartridges to lug around and create more waste. This is a great addition to any glamping pack. This simple to use caffeine machine will make anyone a happy camper. $40.95

PortoVino Beach Wine Tote

Wine Not – PortoVino Beach Wine TotePerfect forthose beach days with the gals. This puppy holds two bottles of wine, or 1.5 L of your beverage of choice. Each tote has a zippered insulated pocket that will keep your beverage cold for hours. The spout makes it easyto pour each glass. The BPA-free pouch is large enough to carry all the essentials plus the pouch! Bonus time – the pouch is hidden. Why don’t I already have this? $44.95

Yueshico Stainless Watermelon Slicer

Easy Peasy – Yueshico Stainless Watermelon Slicer: I have no idea how this could possibly be any easier. Cut that beast of a melon in half and chop off the end. Get the slicer into the meat of the watermelon. All you do is push and out comes the perfect 2 cm serving size. You don’t even have to push all that hard. Seriously, if you break a sweat doing this call a doctor immediately. Order now for ensured summer satisfaction. Who the heck doesn’t love watermelon on a hot day? $8.55 

Bamboo Cutting Board w/ Mats

Chippity Chop – Bamboo Cutting Board w/ Mats: We already know bamboo cutting boards rock. They’re easier on your knives and attractive to the kitchen aesthetic. This amazing design offers just a bit more. Seven color-coded mats to help you avoid cross contamination with meat and veggies. You can use them together or separately. And they can be stored inside the bamboo cutting board that looks amazing on your counter top. I am a sucker for clever storage solutions. How do I politely say “gimme?” $20.35 (pair this with the watermelon slicer for the ultimate kitchen gift!) 

Tweexy nail polish holder

Single-Handed – Tweexy: Wearable finger flair? Hold up. Wearable nail polish holder. I can pimp my digits without the awkward? This fantastic thingy fits all fingers and all bottle sizes. You can give yourself a manicure anywhere, anytime. You can paint them on a train, you can paint them on a plane. You can paint them in a chair. You can paint them anywhere! $9.99 (For max gift factor here, make it a basket with all the fixin’s for a mani-pedi. You’re welcome.) 

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