Half-Cent Sales Tax: What it means for Volusia

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the proposed half-cent sales tax increase for Volusia County. The additional funds would be used to improve local infrastructure throughout the county, with several cities already budgeting their plans for improvements.

A Half-Cent Sales Tax Increase in Volusia County

On May 21, 2019, a countywide referendum special election, by mail ballot, will be conducted by the Supervisor of Elections to allow Volusia County voters to decide if the proposed half-cent local infrastructure sales tax should be approved.

This tax, if adopted, will be in effect for 20 years beginning January 1, 2020.

The infrastructure sales tax revenue will fund several projects for the county and its 16 municipalities. The proposed infrastructure sale tax projects are for public infrastructure that Volusia County owns and has the responsibility to maintain. Sales tax revenue cannot be used on privately owned and maintained roads.

Find the sample ballot, similar to what will go out, below:

half cent sales tax increase sample ballot

Several public information hearings and town hall meetings were held throughout March and April to acquaint residents with issues surrounding the proposed half-cent sales tax increase that would be used to fund road and water quality projects.

How the Half-Cent Sales Tax will be Spent

To view the list of priority road and water quality projects or to learn more about how the money from the proposed sales tax would be used, click here.

Type an address into the interactive map to learn more about proposed projects within three miles of that location.

In order for your voice to be heard on the topic, a mail ballot must be submitted and received in the Supervisor of Elections office, in DeLand, by 7 pm on May 21 to be counted.

  • Return your ballot in the postage-paid envelope.
  • You must sign this envelope. If it is not signed, it will not count.
  • For your convenience, a secured mail ballot collection box will be placed at every City/Town Hall in your municipality beginning May 2 until May 20.

How to Comment on the Proposed Sales Tax in Volusia County

There are several ways to provide comments to the County Council members:

  • Fill out the online comment form
  • Send an email to salestaxinfo@volusia.org.
    Please be aware that emails to this address will become public record and cannot be considered anonymous or private. 
  • Attend an information meeting.

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