CBD: The Remedy

By Katie Swiss Britt

This stuff seems to be everywhere out of nowhere. It has some questioning the legalities. CBD is not the same as marijuana as you know it.

It does not contain high levels of THC which is what provides the “high.”

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is from the hemp plant.

It has been linked to aiding symptoms from anxiety, Parkinson’s disease, seizures, and even some cancer symptoms. All-in-all, users are very pleased with the results.

Do your research as to who you buy from. Some companies do not comply with the 0.3 percent THC levels as mandated by federal law, or they do not contain the levels of CBD they say they do. 0.3 percent THC levels will not get you “high” and small amounts help the CBD to work better. Consumer Reports actually has a good article about CBD and doing your research. There are a variety of ways to ingest CBD, and what is right for you depends on you! 

CBD oil bottle on wooden surface with orange background


Oils in dropper or spray form are one of the most popular ways to use CBD. It is also the second fastest. Each method of ingestion has different rates of absorption. Dosage can also differ for folks as to what is needed for you and your situation. If using the spray, it is suggested to spray the inside of your cheek. If using the dropper, go under your tongue and hold before swallowing. If dosage is not listed, some trial and error and a calculator may be in order. 

woman rubbing lotion into her hand


Lotion can be used for pain management. Some users say it helps with arthritis and fibromyalgia. Regular muscle aches and pains can be reduced as well. So far, the lotion options tend to be a little pricier. You can apply it directly to the point of inflammation. Rate of absorption so far seems to be different for each user. Some folks say it works immediately while others report it working hours later. 

man in sunglasses and green shirt blowing vapor out of mouth

Vaping and E-Cigs

vape pen on counter in front of potted plant

This is by far the fastest acting way for immediate results. It can be rolled or used like a vape pen or E-cig. Availability on this method can be a little more rare. You do need to be careful here. Some of the vape pens contain solvents that can have some adverse side effects. When heated, some solvents can lead to asthma or even cancer in the long term. Make sure to look for vape pens using solvent free oils. 

smiling yellow lab in a vehicle

Pets and CBD

CBD oil is also showing some promising results for your pet. It can help with appetite, anxiety, pain management and much more. It’s also good for such harrowing times as thunderstorms and fireworks. It’s excellent in helping sick pups to eat and arthritic good boys to take some long walks. As with humans, the oil works faster than the edible form. There are available products for your pooch in both treat and oil form. 

person holding CBD gummies and bag


Behind oil, the gummies seem to be one of the most popular forms of use. Eating the CBD does take a little longer to work. So, if you need immediate relief that would be the vape pen. The gummies and oil seem to be the most readily available and the most economical. More and more, the gummies and oil are showing up at the corner store. While the boom in popularity is recent, this remedy has been around for awhile. If anything, long-time users are now free to go about their business. 

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