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The Amp Kicks off 2019 Concert Season

The Amp Kicks off 2019 Concert Season with Sold Out Alabama Show

On the heels of a new brand identity announcement, The Amp (formerly St. Augustine Amphitheatre), kicked off the concert season with a sold out Alabama concert, a partnership with Intuition Ale Works, a new food truck area and 700 more seats. This marks the country music legend’s third appearance at The Amp.

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New Craft Beer in St. Augustine

At the show, concert fans noticed multiple new enhancements to the venue and a brand new offering at concessions – The Amp’s very own beer called the “Backstage Brew.” Brewed by Jacksonville-based craft brewery Intuition Ale Works, the Backstage Brew is a clean, light-bodied pilsner with a sweet, malt flavor and subtle hints of herb and spice.

Food Trucks and Live Music

Another new feature at The Amp is a revamped food truck area, located inside the venue on the outer edges of the Plaza. The new food truck area will feature local food vendors as part of The Amp’s commitment to offering fresh, local food options to patrons during concerts.

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