Motorcycle Safety Update

Bike Week Motorcycle Safety

As Bike Week continues in Volusia County, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office is continuing to conduct high-visibility traffic enforcement operations to reduce crashes, speeding, careless driving and red light violations.

Extra deputies are working overtime with funding from a yearlong FDOT Motorcycle Safety High Visibility Awareness Grant, which launched last fall and continues through the next several months.

They’ve placed copies of the below “WATCH FOR MOTORCYCLES” sign, provided by RideSmartFlorida, along the roads during this Bike Week, and deputies are handing out educational flyers to every driver they contact during this operation.

Watch for motorcycles 2019 graphic

In addition to the grant operation, VCSO crime suppression teams have been out running proactive traffic enforcement across the area, including a rolling cross-county operation that started on Bike Week’s opening weekend.

The Sheriff’s Office is also continuing to work alongside other agencies to monitor, combat and prevent potential criminal activity that may be associated with the influx of Bike Week visitors.

Prior to Friday’s (March 8) official start of Bike Week, the latest numbers on our FDOT motorcycle safety operation were:

  • 52 deputies 
  • 216 overtime hours
  • 23 operations around the county
  • 380 traffic stops
  • Resulting in:
  • 49 seat belt violations
  • 195 speeding violations
  • 92 moving violations
  • 58 non-moving violations
  • 4 no motorcycle endorsement violations
  • 2 violations of right-of-way
  • 101 warnings
  • 12 arrests
  • 368 educational materials distributed

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