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What the Heck is Health

What is health? There’s a valid debate over the true definition of health. Some will say that it’s maintaining an ideal body weight, while others will say that it’s the absence of pain or disease. Here is my definition:

H.E.A.L.T.H. =

Heightened Energy And Love That Heals

What is heightened energy?

I define heightened energy as raising your body’s metabolic rate, brain power, awareness, concentration, emotion and activity levels to their maximum positive potential. Heightened energy is using your body to its fullest capability and performing as close to 100 percent of your potential all of the time. This produces a state of wellness within us that makes us resistant to disease. It also puts our senses on alert and readies us in case the potential for an accident presents itself.

What is love?

Love is a positive emotion that usually equals happiness. It’s an emotional bond with oneself, another person or something else. Love causes positive emotions, which cause hormone and endorphin release in the body, which causes positive attitude, which reduces stress and leads to more productivity and heightened energy.

What is success?

Success is feeling a sense of accomplishment, fulfillment and self-worth. Needless to say, these feel-good emotions trigger good vibes and more good hormone release in the body, which then fuels more productivity and positivity.

There is a circle between health, happiness, love and success. They all go hand-in-hand as one leads to the other.

A healthy body is one that is full of positive energy and has a strong immune system with the ability to defend itself from disease, avoid accidents and heal itself after injury.

How to Change Your Thinking About Health

Oftentimes, we only think about our health when we have a crisis such as a disease diagnosis, injury, pain, depression or other physical or emotional issues. The irony is that it’s during good times that we should proactively think about our health and find appreciation in the fact that we don’t currently have any issues. This train of thought reinforces the positives and helps to ensure that we remain healthy and happy.

When we have worry, fear, regret and anger, we create a negative state in our body that creates a stressful scenario that’s conducive for disease and/or accidents. Even if you feel like you’re at your worst, or nothing is going right, it’s imperative to keep a positive attitude and outlook. Tap into your body’s intrinsic healing abilities instead of fueling the disease cycle.

This advice doesn’t just apply to you; it’s meant to be shared with others. At some point, we may all need a helping hand when things aren’t going right in our lives. So, remember: “Helping Everyone Always Leads To Happiness.”

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