New Brand of Fishing Boats Manufactured in Edgewater

Sōlace Boats Announces the Launch of Stephen Dougherty’s New Brand of Fishing Boats

SŌLACE Boats announces today the launch of a new boat line, by visionary Stephen Dougherty,
to be introduced in early 2019. SŌLACE Boats will be manufactured in Edgewater, Florida in a
200,000 square foot factory on 16 acres. This new brand of fishing boats will provide a
comfortable, family-friendly, fishing and diving boat, offering customers patented technologies
that combine luxury with adventure.

What sets these boats apart?

These boats will be revolutionary in every detail. With their use of carbon fiber, epoxy
construction, and a cutting-edge design, SŌLACE seeks to pave a new path. SŌLACE plans to
make fishing easier in their boats with their new patented layout. With these new techniques,
not only will fishing be easier, but docking, comfort, and diving will be improved.

“All of my life I have been committed to the marine industry, creating new designs and
exceeding customer expectations by designing a product to meet their undiscovered desires.
The time has come for us to make the next great and generational step in marine design” said
Stephen Dougherty.

SŌLACE Boats will be releasing the first model in a new line of boats in the 30+ foot range. The
company will be partnering with some of the best suppliers in the industry. The design,
engineering, and tooling process has been ongoing with a remarkable team of industry
professionals. The company is also taking dealer inquiries.

SŌLACE sees an opportunity to offer customers something different. “We are going to be
revealing something incredible very soon. A distinct series of features will provide the perfect
next step for the fisherman and the family.” said Sarah Dougherty.

Stephen Dougherty sits at conference table
Stephen Dougherty

About SŌLACE Boats

Decades in the pursuit of excellence.

SŌLACE was founded on innovation, community, and an unending pursuit of
excellence. The SŌLACE team is passionate about designing boats that reflect our
drive for excellence, and our commitment to the ultimate on-water experience.
It all started at a very young age for Stephen Dougherty as he experienced total
immersion in the ultimate boatbuilding insights.

Since then, Stephen Dougherty and his wife Sarah have launched and scaled multiple successful businesses. SŌLACE is the culmination of Stephen’s life’s work, and the business acumen of Sarah. The ultimate design backed by the ultimate company.

SŌLACE Boats will be manufactured at the Dougherty’s 200,000 square foot factory on 16 acres located in Edgewater, FL. SŌLACE is looking to build a global brand and maintain an international footprint for support anywhere around the globe.

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