Right Coast Wahine: The Joy of Music

What is music to you? Music, to me, is everything. Music helps me get through emotions, it helps me have a good time and it cleanses my soul. 

From old rock to punk, to whatever is on the radio, music is a big part of my life and I’m always listening to it. 

Growing up with my dad being in a band, I was exposed to all different types of music from an early age. Most five-year-olds are singing Disney songs, but when I was five and I was already jamming out to punk rock, and I’ve never stopped! I’ve even written my own songs for fun. 

For me, one of the most important things to be able to do, is listen to music. It doesn’t matter what time of day, or who I’m around, I can find a song to fit my setting. I find that music joins people together and helps connect people, so you can always hear tunes when my friends and I get together. There is nothing better than belting out the words to your favorite song, surrounded by your favorite people. 

I don’t have just one type of music I enjoy. I really love to listen to everything – The Beatles, Bob Marley, Lizzo, Kodak Black, Tupac, Die Antwoord, Billie Eilish and so many more! 

Music can really affect my mood. When I’m sad I tend to listen to emotional music or songs with more of an angry feel, and when I’m happy I’ll listen to happy and upbeat songs. But have you ever tried to change your mood with music? Like, if you are trying to sleep and you put on punk rock, chances are you will stay awake. Or if you are angry and you put on a heavy metal song, you are almost guaranteed to stay just as mad when the song ends. 

Next time, instead of feeding a negative emotion with an angry or sad song, turn on one of your favorite up-beat jams and see if it can help bring you to a better place. 

You know it’s a good day when I’m dancing around and jamming to my music! 

Marley Scott AKA the Right Coast Wahine. She is 14 years old and this is her 4th year writing for ECC. Her hobbies include surfing, skating, drawing, dancing, writing, singing, gymnastics and acting.

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