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Leather Bound

Welcome to the new year, which means new beginnings and, of course, new trends! Let’s kick this season off with LEATHER!

Both real leather and faux leather are gaining full exposure with both outerwear and inner-wear. Yes, black is a staple when you think of leather and it’s my obsession.

two images of same woman wearing leather, one in orange leather coat and one in black leather shorts

However, the most fashion forward leathers are coming in colors such as hot reds, brown and even white. Leather is honestly my favorite material; you can dress it down or dress it up. Either way, it instantly gives you an edgy, cool and stylish look.

You can find this beautiful fabric in pencil skirts, dresses, shirts, blazers and trousers.

Blog/Model/Stylist: Danielle Napolitano  // Photographer: Cortney Gordon

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