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November Fishing Guide

Our backwater fishing expert gives you everything you need to get out on the water!

As the warm weather starts to fade away the fishing will remain very hot. Finally, at the end of October, we had our first cool weather.

Tupat - man standing in water holding large fish

Look for the large trout to start showing up again in the shallows and backwater locations.

The redfish have been everywhere as of late, and with the higher tides, I was finding them more in the shallow creeks. The fish have been very relaxed and not too many have been spooked. The build up of bait has made the fishing even easier as the redfish seem to know that the creeks are filled with food!

Trey Peterson - man sitting on back of boat on the water holding large fish

Trey Peterson (@treyvfl, pictured above) of New Smyrna Beach has recently been slaying the reds inside the inlet utilizing live croakers.

This style of fishing is pretty simple if you’re on the right tide. You’ve got to find the drop-off point from the sandbar and channel and just sit and wait for the big pull!

Rasta Rob - man on paddle board holding large fish

In the beginning of October, the weather was still very humid and the hurricane season was making some real up and down weather patterns.

Flagler Beach surf pro, Robbie McCormick (@RastaaRobb, pictured above), came down to enjoy the swell and some backwater action. Here he is pictured holding a beautiful back-creek redfish.

As we get deeper into the cooler weather, the redfish will start schooling up and the tight lines will continue to produce solid catches!

November tide chart

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