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October Fishing Guide

Fall Fishing in Florida

Fall is now officially here and the bite couldn’t be any hotter! With a harvest moon, perfect tides, light winds and a plethora of fish, things couldn’t be more perfect for fishing the backwaters of Bethune Beach.


When the low tides and winds work together, the sight fishing off of the Pau Hana Big EZ paddleboard is as good as it gets. As of late, that has been the case with @Nilsers (pictured above), my fellow “Bethune Raccoon” slaying it.

On one occasion, he had 10 sight casted redfish in about two hours! I recently tried some jerkbait and had some incredible action with multiple redfish. Here’s one that I caught while teaching my son Ethan (@nsb_ee) utilizing the jerkbait product (pictured below).


I’ve learned over the years that everywhere is a “good spot” and you’ve got to always be looking for signs of fish in the area. When you know your zones, it’s much easier to predict if a fish could be there.

For example, that oyster bar that is always exposed at low tide and the bait like to pile up around the edges. Well, that’s where the redfish may be trying to eat! You’ve got to be stealthy and patient, which sometimes can be difficult!


To make things easier, I like to stay away from the stronger winds and utilize the currents to my advantage. This makes for a better chance at seeing your targeted fish and getting hooked up.

Towards the end of September, I made another trip to Jupiter with my buddies, Casey Collins and Christian Oehmke, to hook up with Captain Matt Budd. We stayed on the land for this mission and crushed a few snook.

If you ever get the chance to fish Jupiter, I highly recommend it. Here’s a great catch from @CaseyColli (pictured above). He had to swim underwater to land this beast!

Moving ahead to October, look for a very aggressive bite along with bigger snook. The winds should start to lay off and the cooler temps will make for some amazing fishing.

Until next month… Cast ’em, Hook ’em and Catch ’em!

BEST DAYS TO FISH IN OCTOBER:  1, 6 – 11, 15 – 18, 23 – 26, 30 – 31


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