Skeleton of alligator in natural setting

No Bones About It

Things to Do in Orlando Skeletons: A Museum of Osteology It’s my favorite time of the year and I can’t wait for Halloween with my husband, Scott, and our favorite little monster, our 7-month-old daughter Avery. We may not watch the leaves change here in Florida and the cooler temps are a long way off, but we can certainly get into some spooky fun all … Continue reading No Bones About It

man surfing large wave in ocean

Surfing Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence and its Affect on Surfing Ever heard the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure?” Or does it go, “One man’s misfortune can be another man’s standing barrel?” Our summer started out with the waves as flat as paper. The ocean was more like a big lake! Then Hurricane Florence happened and our lake turned into a surfer’s dream. Why do hurricanes … Continue reading Surfing Hurricane Florence

Sunset over the water with palm trees and clouds

October Fishing Guide

Fall Fishing in Florida Fall is now officially here and the bite couldn’t be any hotter! With a harvest moon, perfect tides, light winds and a plethora of fish, things couldn’t be more perfect for fishing the backwaters of Bethune Beach. When the low tides and winds work together, the sight fishing off of the Pau Hana Big EZ paddleboard is as good as it … Continue reading October Fishing Guide

County Plans Save Our Springs and Rivers Academy

What Can We do to Protect Our Waterways? Would you like to become a Blue Spring advocate and help environmentalists spread the word about solutions to water pollution? If so, plan on attending the Save Our Springs and Rivers Academy. The academy will include classroom and field trip experiences, guest speakers and hands-on, feet-wet learning to provide an in-depth citizen engagement experience. Those participating in … Continue reading County Plans Save Our Springs and Rivers Academy

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City and County Monthly Meetings

Volusia County’s city and county meeting schedule Volusia County Round Table 12 – 1:30 PM monthly in the Dennis McGee Room (second level) of Daytona Beach International Airport. The group, which consists of one member each from Volusia’s cities and county government, meets monthly to discuss countywide issues and concerns. The Volusia County Councils host the meetings. Volusia County Government will provide lunch for the designated members of the … Continue reading City and County Monthly Meetings