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Fiscal Fitness is of Utmost Importance to your Overall Personal Health and Wellness

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Therefore, I want to transgress my usual personal health theme and discuss the concept of workplace wellness. 

One of the greatest stressors in many of our lives is money and the pursuit thereof, aka our jobs or businesses. Spending eight hours a day (or more) in the wrong environment can create unhealthy levels of stress that can manifest negatively in all areas of your life.

Stress and its Affect on the Body

Stress causes the release of the hormone cortisol, which causes a plethora of serious health problems including heart disease, weight gain and depression. Needless to say, this condition can quickly lead to lost production and profit, both personally and professionally. 

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Working in a culture that fosters personal growth, rewarding accomplishments and alignment with your passion makes the workweek feel a lot less like work and more like fulfilling fun. 

Work Life and Your Health

Health at work translates into healthy bodies and healthy homes. Imagine coming home from work in a great mood, with a sense of accomplishment, while feeling appreciated for your efforts. Wouldn’t that make for a more pleasant discussion around the dinner table?

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There are many components that are important to both personal and corporate health, but I’ve narrowed the list down to seven key factors. 

  1. Systems: from tying your shoe to launching a rocket at NASA, proper procedures and strategies are important. 
  2. Engagement: being actively engaged in relationships, teams and the workforce play a huge role in your success and happiness.
  3. Relationship Building: virtually everything you need to accomplish your goals in life depends on relationships with others.
  4. Vision and Leadership: whether it’s being a good role model to your kids or leading a Fortune 500 company, leadership is paramount.
  5. Information Technology: embrace it or get left in the Stone Age!
  6. Cash Management: personal checkbooks and billion dollar corporations must both have good accounting and budgeting.
  7. Exceeding Expectations: the common denominator to making your spouse happy and keeping your job!

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Personal Growth

Education is the key to self-awareness and personal growth. Enter Volusia’s Best, a county subsidized program aimed at bringing a high level of training and education to Volusia-based businesses and their employees. Earning a Volusia’s Best designation not only demonstrates that your company is a cut above the competition, it also enriches the workforce, producing happier, healthier, more successful members of our community. 

Check out upcoming Volusia’s Best events at or find them on Facebook. You can also call me, Sean Donovan, at (386) 451-0343 or email me at for more information on this exciting initiative. 

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