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Fall is coming, but before we start getting excited over new season trends I want to share a little tip that will help you clean out your boring existing wardrobe…CUT IT OR TRASH IT!

Photo of old skirts and sweaters re-cut to create new styles

When I say trash it, I really mean donate it to your local thrift store. I admit, I’m a clothing hoarder. I always say I will wear it when the trends come back around, but really if you haven’t worn it in a year, you’re more likely to never wear it again.

I’ve taken oversize sweatshirts and hoodies and cut them into crop tops that I absolutely love now. Long skirts into short skirts or add a high slit to a flowy skirt, dresses into blouses, jeans into shorts. Well, I think you get the idea.

And, for my creative readers that love to sew, the extra material is great for fabric. Think of it as you’re giving your clothing a second chance, LOL.

I have so much fun doing this, the possibilities are endless.

Stylist / Blogger / Photographer / Model:Danielle Napolitano


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