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New Smyrna Beach and Development

New Smyrna Beach is Developing Rapidly

Our Little Town is Growing Up! Good or Bad?

Flagler Avenue leading towards beach approach

Since New Smyrna’s quiet days where there was nobody on the roads and everyone knew, everyone NSB has come a long way! The small little beach town that many locals remember is now getting bigger and filling up with more and more people.

Hotels are being built wherever there is space, like the Spring Hill Suites on Flagler Avenue. Tourists might love the idea of having a hotel with a view of the beach and on the busiest road in NSB, however, locals might have to disagree. The more hotels, the more people, which means the more traffic. You know what they say, though… “Orlando’s favorite beach!”

New Business Hits the Beach

Restaurants and new businesses are also beginning to pop up everywhere, like the Ocean Breeze Tiki Bar on Flagler Avenue. They have a great view of the ocean and a great Shirley Temple!

A new bridge will be put in along Pioneer Trail. This could be good and bad, based on your perspective. For one, locals and tourists might love the idea of the new bridge seeing as how it’s going to decrease the traffic rates. This bridge could also be a lifesaver if there was a bad hurricane headed our way and we had to evacuate!

However, locals might dislike the idea of our woods being torn up again for a new project. A beneficial idea, but the bridge comes with a price to pay – our trees.

Is Growth Good or Bad?

It is not just the buildings and town that are growing up, but also its spirit. There is more creative energy, surfing and art with different people and minds flowing through. With more people on the the beach, the water is flooding with surfers all over. I think it’s cool to be able to say that people all over the world come to get into our inlet!

With NSB coming out into the world, this little town is going to begin to grow as much as it can, for the good or for the bad. With all these improvements and ideas, I think I have one myself. Would it be too hard to line our beaches with coconut trees?

By Marley Scott

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