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By: Tiffany Evers // Photos by: Kelsey Walters

Founder of After Body Meals

Q: What exactly does After Body Meals offer?

A: After Body Meals is a customizable meal prep company that offers fresh, gourmet meals delivered to your door at an affordable price. We also have a storefront where you can get smoothies and meals to heat up and sit at our outside table area.

Q: You have such a unique name. How did you come up with it?

A: After Body Meals is a company that provides results and transformations. So, when I thought of the name it was based off your “before and after” picture.

Q: Who comes up with your weekly menus?

A: My team and I collaborate on our menus. Some we make up, some we find and make it our own, we even steal some off the Internet. Why not? It’s free game.

Q: Do you offer substitutions if there is an allergy or an item a customer doesn’t like?

A: Yes, if a customer doesn’t like or is allergic to seafood and we have seafood as the protein for one of the menu items then we substitute that with chicken cooked the exact same way as the menu option.

We also offer a vegan plan for our customers if they don’t eat meat or dairy.

Q: How does the ordering process work?

A: The menu is launched on Wednesday by noon. Ordering is done online at or you can call (386) 233-3415 and you have to order by noon on Friday to receive your meals on Sunday and Wednesday. You can get them delivered or you can save money by picking them up at our storefront at 933 Beville Road in South Daytona.

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: It’s been almost two years since I started the business out of my house in Wilbur by the Sea. I started with no money, just a grill and a passion for cooking healthy meals. Now I just opened our first storefront and it has brought our game to another level. We opened our store June 1, 2017.

Q: What sets you apart from other companies?

A: What sets us apart is that we are consistent with quality and customer service. We provide text reminders and send out emails of the menu each week. We work with people’s dislikes and allergies and we use BPA-free containers that are recyclable and reusable. We also donate our extra food to a homeless shelter which is our little part of helping the community.

Q: Are your customers in contracts or can they go week-to-week when ordering?

A: Our customers are week-to-week, no contract. We do offer auto pay to make ordering convenient.

Q: What’s your next big move with the company?

A: My next move is launching a fully automated website that people can choose exactly which meals they would like and what delivery days they want up to a month in advance. It updates the labels, routes and payments in real time and sends our chefs a list of exactly what we’re cooking for that day.

Q: What advice would you give to other locals who are interested in starting their own business?

A: I would tell them first to find something they are obsessed with. That they don’t need money, a business partner or a perfect business plan. They just need to go all in on that one idea, make sacrifices like partying and going out on the weekends. Read lots of business development books, like “The 10X Rule” and “The E Myth!” And grind every single day. If they need help I would love to help them…I’ve learned more in the last few years than i have in my whole life. Email me!

933 Beville Road Unit 101E

South Daytona, Florida

(386) 233-3415


Tiffany Evers is the editor and one of the owners of East Coast Current magazine. She graduated from Kennesaw State University in 2005 with a degree in Communication in the Mass Media. In 2014 she was recognized by Editor & Publisher Magazine as one of the “25 Under 35” innovators in the newspaper industry. In 2015 she and five other local businesswomen founded Women In Leadership (W.I.L.S.).

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