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Authentic Hawaiian Shop Located in the Heart of New Smyrna Beach

By: Tiffany Evers // Photos by: Kelsey Walters

Q: What inspired you to bring this authentic Hawaiian shop to NSB?

A: I grew up in Hawaii and still have very close ties to the islands. My family and I travel to Hawaii frequently and often our friends would ask us to bring back various items for them. We thought it would be fun to have a shop that offered customers some of the unique items we are so drawn to in Hawaii.

Q: What sets the shop apart from others along Flagler Avenue?

A: We offer items that you will not find in other stores along the avenue as we strive to bring New Smyrna unique merchandise that represents an island and surf culture.

Q: Are your products constantly changing? If yes, how often?

A: Yes, we are continually searching out new products. Almost weekly you can come into our store and find something that wasn’t there the week before.

Q: Does the shop feature any locally made products?

A: Yes. Although we feature a lot of Hawaii inspired items, we also look for unique local products that complement our store vision. We recently added Michele Wozniak’s photography to our line of art. Michele is a local photographer who has taken some of the most amazing pictures around New Smyrna Beach. We offer her work in matted prints, aluminum and canvas. One of our favorite local products is Tupat’s Poke Sauce. Poke is a staple in Hawaii and Tupat’s sauce is very authentic as he too lived in Hawaii at one point. We love that it is made right here in New Smyrna. We also added Bmore Corny Boards out in front of the store so our customers can play a game of cornhole while enjoying their shave ice.

Q: What is the most popular beach necessity you can find in your store?

A: Our Hello Poolside Turkish Towels have been a big hit. They are Hawaii inspired, designed in Florida. They are extremely absorbent, dry very quickly and are beautiful. They are the perfect beach accessory and, again, the owner lived in Hawaii at one point, too.

Q: The shop is filled with so many lines of skin products, tell us some of the most popular ones.

A: All of our skin products are unique. Some of them are made from kukui and coconut oil and are excellent for the skin. Others have amazing scents that remind you of Hawaii and, of course, we sell eco-conscious sunscreen that is safe for the environment and the reef.

Q: Besides being a Hawaiian gift shop, you are also known for serving an authentic Hawaiian dessert. Give us the scoop on that!

A: Shave ice is a part of life in Hawaii. After a full day of surfing and playing at the beach a stop at the local shave ice stand is a must. We bring our syrups in from Hawaii and use a special machine that shaves the ice into a very fine fluffy snow-like texture. This is what separates shave ice from a snow cone. We also encourage our customers to order their shave ice “Hawaiian Style” starting with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the bottom, putting their shave ice and flavors of their choice on top of that and finishing with a drizzle of sweetened condensed milk. With 27 different flavors to choose from the options are endless. Next time you are in the store ask for a punch card, buy 10 and get 1 free and you will be on your way to trying them all!

Q: Are you planning on hosting any events in the courtyard out front of your shop?

A: We are excited about being a part of the community and utilizing the courtyard area that we have in front of our store. We offer live entertainment, hula hoops and cornhole for your enjoyment and look forward to many special events. We will host “Girls Night Out” the first Thursday of each month from 4 – 9 p.m. Each month at Girls Night Out we will offer different store specials and discounts, provide entertainment and wine tasting.

Q: How are Aloha Vibes and its employees active in our community?

A: Spreading the Aloha spirit and living Aloha is important to Aloha Vibes and its employees. We are always looking for ways to help make our community better. We recently sponsored a One Piece Each beach cleanup and look forward to many more and being involved in many levels within the community.

Q: How can our readers find out more and follow you on social media?

A: The best way to find out what is going on at Aloha Vibes is to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Instagram: alohavibesnsb



Aloha Vibes

(386) 444-3131

384 Flagler Ave.

New Smyrna Beach 32169

@ alohavibesnsb

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