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Social Equity is the topic for the third workshop in the Coastal Community Resiliency series and will have a concentrated discussion on affordable housing, homeless population and workforce development. Objectives for each of these focus areas bring together solutions to create resiliency for vulnerable populations and the entire city of New Smyrna Beach.

Affordable Housing Objectives

  • Ensure that walkable communities are affordable to the full range of the community’s residents and that long-time residents are able to live in and enjoy neighborhoods even as they attract more amenities.
  • Make communities attainable for moderate to low income individuals and that amenities are also included in the developments.
  • Build partnerships with the private and public sectors to assist with financing andinnovative ideas.

Homeless Population Objectives

There is currently an action team facilitated by Mr. Mykal Tairu that is meeting on the second Tuesday of each month at the Alonzo “Babe” James Community Center at 5:30 p.m. This action team is looking into collaborative funding through the county, city and other organizations to create an action plan for the homeless population. The top priorities for shelter include emergency shelter (one or two nights), shelter for families, shelter for men, shelter for women or a shelter for transition. Each of these options come with its own challenges. Shelters for hurricanes will still be run by the county and the city will not be involved in disaster shelters as the experts at the county level will continue efforts to offer services and to accommodate all those in need and willing during a natural disaster.

Workforce Development Objectives

• Provide core classes in middle/high school and college to assist with the overwhelming need for vocational positions.

• Give students hands-on training by partnering with local companies for apprentice opportunities.
• Provide classes at the community college level where students can elect a vocation after high school.

Diversity In the Classroom

Diversity simply means recognizing that all the people are unique in their own way. Their differences could consist of their reading level, athletic ability, cultural background, personality, religious beliefs and the list goes on. Having the knowledge to cross-teach to that diversity takes skill and training, getting to know students, building relationships (where possible) with families and providing an array of learning and communication tools.

In a proclamation designating February “Career and Technical Education Month,” Gov. Rick Scott wrote, “the efforts of career and technical educators, business and industry stimulate the growth and vitality of our local economy and that of the entire nation, by preparing graduates for careers that are forecast to experience the largest and fastest growth in the next decade.”

Several members of the Volusia County School Board support core vocational classes being taught in the regular high schools or to have a vocational school just for training.

The session at the Brannon Civic Center on April 17, 2018 at 6 p.m. will cover these areas. Information about this and previous sessions is available Online at

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